Kerin S.

Marc Goldstein is a fantastic attorney, even more he is a fantastic human being. He goes above and beyond. He is with you every step of the way, if needed he will be at doctors appointments, hospitals, etc. But even more you will life long friends. I can not say enough good things about Marc, we met as attorney/clients, now we are best friends.

Jose Z.

Words cannot begin to express our gratitude to Marc Goldstein and his paralegal Caitlin Ramos. Unfortunately, our family suffered a devastating accident in January, and our children bore the brunt of the injuries. Our younger daughter suffered a broken back and required surgery and will require additional surgeries in her life. Sadly, the person responsible for the accident was not insured and our family has been reeling with the knowledge that our children may forever have setbacks from the accident. Despite the fact that the person was uninsured, Mr. Goldstein has dedicated himself to bringing us justice for this terrible accident. With little to no hope for financial gain, and affected by the future of our daughters, Marc has fought tirelessly to take this case to court and make those responsible answer for the damage they have caused. My daughter was in tears after a judge issued what amounted to a slap on the wrist for the defendant for three citations issued as a result of the accident, believing that justice would not be served. Marc assured us he would not quit and the case is now headed to a jury. Marc has a good heart. His work has been selfless, and steady. I offer my total and unequivocal support and recommendation of Mr. Goldstein’s professionalism, work ethic, and unwavering determination to make right what has been a terrible situation for us. Much good will come his way for what he has done for my family.